The Festival has three main foundations: music, gastronomy and nature. To two of our country´s most important identity sings, music and gastronomy, we add an equally attractive one: our landscape.

In this case, the incomparable setting of Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, recognised as a place with ecologic interest, it was listed by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve in 1984. It doesn´t only stand out for its natural richness, but also for its cultural offer, for being a cradle of Basque culture, traditions and for its gastronomy.

The location, St. Catherine peninsula, an emblematic place and famous image of Mundaka, placed in a unique natural area. A natural treasure in the heart of Bizkaia, with an extraordinary landscape and ecologic diversity.

Mundaka Festival is a different festival, in good standing with nature. Earth. Sea. A unique festival in a unique place.

More information and points of interest: http://www.turismourdaibai.com/

First sustainable festival from the Basque Country 2016

Aware of the surroundings of the festival and willing to strengthen its sustainability, we took the environmental measures necessary to get the “Erronka Garbia” seal, a certification IHOBE grants to those events that include environmental measures within their design and organization.

So we can follow the same path linked to respectful enjoyment via the atmosphere and improve our code of ethics, your collaboration is important:

> Take good care of the surroundings, Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve!
> Use public transport!
> Use drinking fountains responsibly!
> Get your “Mundaka Festival” glass at the counter and reuse it!
> Do not throw trash on the ground, recycle and use the corresponding trash bins!