Julián Maeso

When talking about Julián Maeso, a real rock encyclopedia, to speak about a wider catalogue of rhythms, sounds and nuances is an important matter. But that´s exactly what is hidden among the passionate songs of Somewhere Somehow, the third studio album of the former musician of The Sunday Drivers, which dissects genre´s history in every intervention, no matter if is a recording one or an interpretative one. In this case in the shape of a new album, the first one inside Sony Music, released last October under Legacy.

In Somewhere Somehow, Maeso devotes himself to the savage instinct of the rock enthusiast to obtain an exciting and touching piece. He puts his heart and soul into the 11 jewels that complete the album, all different, even between their starting and finishing points, they invite the hearer to become the main character of a trip full of colors and sounds of which you know the beginning, but not the destination.

His music is still based on 70s rock and soul, but his sources expand to funk, country or even jazz, to complete the most varied of his three albums. The Hammond organ loses presence, so the wonderful voices of Ana Sinkey and Erin Corine can have their place, looking for the perfect chorus, with drops of magic that come from synthesizers and melodies typical of Ethiopic jazz or psychedelic music.

Experienced in the rock scene with groups such as The Blackbirds, Speaklow, The Sweet Vandals, Aurora & The Betrayers, Pájaro, Los Labios…  Maeso has toured with de M-Clan or Quique González and has played the Hammond for some of the great divas of soul like Irma Thomas, Betty Harris or Martha High. He has also performed for Ken Stringfellow, Taylor McFerrin or The New Master Sounds. In addition, he has opened for some big names such as Jakob Dylan, Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, The James Taylor Quartet, Maceo Parker or Neneh Cherry.