SEIURTE is created in 1997 by Iokin Elortza (guitar and vocals), Ekain Elortza (drums), Julen Oarbeaskoa (bass), and Iñaki Elortza (guitar) in Berriz (Biscay). In 2002 they won the demo contest of the radio station “Gaztea”, they got a great repercussion and, shortly after, Metak record label gave them the opportunity to publish their first album, Bapatean (Metak – 2003).

Since then, the band has recorded five more albums and has given hundreds of concerts in the Basque Country and outside of it, always with the support of the specialised critics. If in the early days they were closer to pop-rock, nowadays they are much closer to power-pop or even indie-rock.

This year, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, they have recorded a song with Morgan, a band from Madrid, and they will celebrate it playing with us at Mundaka Festival.