Zea Mays

Zea Mays, the band from Bilbao, turns 20 this year. Two decades full of technological changes that have changed how we relate to each other, how we consume and that have established a dictatorship of the immediate and ephemeral. The music industry has been also influenced by the technological race.

Zeam Mays have managed to change with the times while having their feet on the ground, they´ve managed to increase their audience while avoiding language barriers and they´ve passed with flying colours any artists challenge: to regenerate their audience by adding new young followers. Several reasons to feel proud. And that is, precisely, the title of their eighth album: Harro (Proud). Fifteen new tracks produced by Dave M. Allen, who also worked with them in their previous album Da, in 2013. Allen has produced one of the best The Cure albums, he is a renowned new wave, synth pop and gothic rock producer and has worked with bands such as Depeche Mode, The Sisters Of Mercy and The Human League. In addition, he produced Neneh Cherry´s wonderful debut album Man.

Zea Mays have managed to get on trains, developing memories, without the need to elbow their way through. That´s why they have many reasons to feel proud of themselves. And so do we. Zuetaz HARRO.